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C26:0-LPC analysis (plasma and DBS) has a superior diagnostic performance compared to the traditional plasma VLCFA analysis (C26:0 and C26:0/C22:0 ratio) in #adrenoleukodystrophy and #zellweger patients. Read our free paper at: https://t.co/zrjV91mp3p @FrontiersIn @YorrickJaspers

Postural body sway is a fast, non-invasive, largely rater-independent, and clinically relevant method. Body sway correlates strongly with severity of myelopathy and can be used to evaluate new therapies in clinical trials.
Free at: https://t.co/8jQ3VlRZj8

Excited to share Georgia has started testing ALL newborns for ALD - during this pandemic where everything has been put on hold - Georgia made it happen!
#aldnewbornscreening #savetheboys…

Clinical trials for #adrenoleukodystrophy are emerging. How to quantify treatment effect? #biomarkers
The spinal cord is flatter and smaller in ALD patients with myelopathy. This can be quantified and thinning correlates with disease severity. Free at https://t.co/pCAWQdo9qd

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Last modified | 2019-09-24