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Onderzoek dat levens redt: vanaf 2023 kan de metabole ziekte ALD in de hielprik worden opgenomen. Met een succesvolle proef zijn al 4 pasgeboren patiƫntjes opgespoord. Hoofdonderzoeker Stephan Kemp vertelt: https://t.co/o9aIBtW1i5

An updated analysis of the known variants in ABCD1 as catalogued over the past 20 years. We illustrate the importance of collaboration and utility of the database as a scientific, clinical, and ALD-community-wide resource. Free: https://t.co/Pxy8UzIsDd @MDPIOpenAccess

The JIMD Podcast is a fortnightly podcast intended to bring you insights from the world of IMD.

Soundcloud: https://t.co/U7HscsYHRC

Apple: https://t.co/getLP2mYTo

Spotify: https://t.co/uhlXnX3cbj

Google: https://t.co/453CiRR967

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Molecular Biomarkers for Adrenoleukodystrophy: An Unmet Need. The need for sensitive biomarkers to monitor and/or predict disease progression and evaluate therapy efficacy. On https://t.co/8XlKLKHaRC #mdpicells via @MDPIOpenAccess

Identification of a variant of unknown significance - without a family history of disease - results in a diagnostic dilemma. Biochemical studies in #ALD fibroblasts classified 15/17 VUS in ABCD1 as likely pathogenic/benign. Free at https://t.co/xpOq7sAObK #mdpigenes @Genes_MDPI

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