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The Greyzone: In the first ALD Family podcast @StephanKempNL and @nicadler discuss the ALD variant database, newborn screening, the possibility of variants having milder phenotypes and what a dj has to do with ALD.

Eric and I were interviewed by James Nurse of the @JIMD_Editors. We spoke about many ALD topics: MRI surveillance, fish, chimpanzees, organoids, newborn screening and much more. It was fun to do!!

Latest podcast, "All about ALD" available now, thank you to @StephanKempNL and Eric Mallack


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Soundcloud: https://t.co/3d9xknKpQI

Google: https://t.co/EvoaJkKYaq

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Sinds 1 januari zit de ernstige metabole ziekte ALD weer deels in de hielprik. Lees meer over een lang en moeilijk proces. https://t.co/KuAEvaHg6U

#metaboleziekten #stofwisselingsziekten #hielprik

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